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From time to time, IPEBLA hosts teleconferences of interest to lawyers practicing in the fields of pensions and employee benefits.  Please watch the website for announcements of upcoming teleconferences.  Members will also be sent notification via email. 

To ensure that you will receive the announcements, please ensure that your IT department add and  to its list of friendly senders.  This will ensure that our notifications are not blocked.

Upcoming events

No events available.

Past events

29 Apr 2015 Pension Fees And Charges: Current Issues in US and UK
04 Dec 2014 Basics of Providing Compensation and Benefits to Internationally Mobile Employee
30 Oct 2014 The Pension Plan is Dead, Long Live the Pension Plan: New Trends in Pension and Other Retirement Plan Design
10 Dec 2013 Latest Developments in The Major Jurisdictions
16 May 2013 Insolvency protection for pension fund members: Impact of the decision of the European Court of Justice in Case No. C398/11 (Hogan & Others v. Minister for Social and Family Affairs, Ireland, Attorney General)
13 Mar 2013 IPEBLA & JCEB Joint Teleconference On Cross-Border Executive Postings
12 Dec 2012 Prudent Person Principle
15 May 2012 The Impact of the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) on Pension Plans and Incentive Programs
28 Feb 2012 IORP II and its solvency requirements: Defined benefit plans: RIP?
14 Dec 2011 Executive Compensation Issues - Benefits Becoming Salary
07 Mar 2011 “The implications of the European Court of Justice’s decision in the Test-Achats case – the next Barber case?”
18 May 2010 "Trends in Liability Driven Investing for Managing Pension Risks: A Global Legal Perspective" Teleconference
09 Dec 2009 The Rights and Obligations of an Employer in Superannuation/ Pension Schemes
02 Dec 2009 Facing Defined Benefit Plan Challenges: Issues with Poorly Funded Plans
01 Dec 2009 Challenges for European Pension Funds in the Economic Downturn
27 Jan 2009 Using offshore trusts in relation to employee benefit plans
18 Sep 2008 Pan-European Pension Plans: Where Are We Now?
24 Jun 2008 Pension Plan Risk Management Issues
20 May 2008 Managing Pension Scheme Deficits: Innovative Solutions
02 Oct 2007 The Approaching 12-31-07 Deadline - Achieving Section 409A Compliance for Non-U.S. Plans and Employers
08 Mar 2006 Pension Funds in China
14 Dec 2005 Cross Border Pension Provision - Tax and Labor Barriers - Are the Barriers Gone?
22 Nov 2005 The Impact of the EU Pension Funds Directive: Some Key Issues
20 Oct 2005 How Does the New U.S. Deferred Compensation Legislation affect Non-U.S. Plans?

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