Speaker Papers Submission Guidelines


All conference delegates, whether presenting or not, are strongly encouraged to contribute a paper of 5 – 12 pages on any topic which they feel may be of interest.  If the paper you submit relates to any of the conference workshops or plenary sessions, please forward a copy to each of the workshop discussion leaders or plenary session speakers for the session to which the paper relates together with a copy to Katherine Donaldson, IPEBLA Management Office (Phone: +1 416-693-7775 x222 | Email: ipebla@managingmatters.com | Fax + 1 416-929-5256). 


If further assistance is needed, please contact Katherine Donaldson. The number of formal presentations is limited to encourage maximum participation and discussion by all conference delegates, particularly at the workshops.


The format for submitting papers for the Thirteenth International IPEBLA Conference will be as follows: 

  • Full speaker papers will not be accepted in hard copy form, and will not be available at the conference. 
  • Full papers will be posted to the IPEBLA website for conference  delegates to view. 
  • All plenary and workshop chairs, and any other delegates submitting a paper will be required to submit their paper to Katherine Donaldson, with the following: a one page executive summary &  a short (75 words or less) biography of the writer
  • The executive summaries and biographies will be made available to all delegates prior to the conference. IPEBLA will not be providing photocopying facilities in Berlin.

Papers should be concise and should not exceed 12 pages in length.  If you do not have email capability, please contact Katherine Donaldson, IPEBLA Management Office at 416-693-7775 x222


If you are a speaker or discussion leader, please read the Presentation Guidelines HERE.



PowerPoint presentations will be accepted for plenary sessions only. Workshops will have flip charts only.

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