History of IPEBLA

Remembering the Past, Planning for the Future

The general theme for the Steering Committee over the past two years has been to remember the past while planning for the future. I want to make sure we look at IPEBLA’s history, but at the same time, we are in a position where technology is rapidly changing and we want to be relevant to future members. We hope that our tenure is that link. As such, and with many founding members in or nearing retirement, we undertook the task of writing its history. 

IPEBLA was founded in 1987 by pension lawyer Tony Thurnham. As a young practitioner, Tony was faced with the challenge of advising clients on the pension issues associated with cross-border mergers and acquisitions. Tony believed that an international forum to facilitate the sharing of information and ideas could be beneficial to all of its participants.

The organization that was to become IPEBLA held its first (unofficial) conference in London later that same year. Subsequently, the newly formed Steering Committee chose to name the organization the International Pension & Employee Benefits Law Association as a reflection of the organization’s breadth and focus.

Through the dedicated leadership of successive Steering Committees, and strategic partnerships with in-country legal organizations, IPEBLA has grown significantly from that initial informal gathering in London. It now boasts a membership of 250, with members in all corners of the globe. We invite you to click here to read more about the history of IPEBLA in Remembering the Past, Planning for the Future. You will find information about its early years, its biennial conferences, its publications, as well as a list of key players involved in the association over the years, amongst other things. IPEBLA’s strong and varied history is the foundation for what is to come, and we hope that you will share your comments and memories with contactIPEBLA@managingmatters.com in this regard as we look toward the future.

Mitch Frazer
Chair, Steering Committee

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